Kickboxing, the Sport of the Future

Even if you don’t plan on hoisting a boombox overhead, you can get misty at our screening of “Say Anything…”

Before he showed us the money in Jerry Maguire and took us on the road in Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe enriched our lives with Say Anything…

Arguably the greatest teen love story of the decade (sorry, Dirty Dancing) Crowe’s 1989 directorial debut stood out among the rom-coms of the era. The storyline is fairly standard: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. Okay, it’s even a cliché: beautiful valedictorian falls for underachiever. But the characters Diane Court and Lloyd Dobler are played with subtlety by Ione Skye and John Cusack. Their differences are vast—she wins a college scholarship to England while his highest honor involves serving as “key master” at a graduation party—but the unlikely pairing is as charming as their adoration for one another.  

As part of Los Angeles magazine’s ’80s-themed film series at the Arclight Hollywood, you can catch Say Anything… on Monday, July 14. Rejoice, ladies: Maybe the famous boombox scene will inspire male viewers to make grand romantic gestures of their own. Although, standing on the street blasting “In Your Eyes” from an iPod doesn’t seem quite as romantic.