Katy Perry Spoke to Hollywood’s Youth Today About the Importance of Education

The pop star is collaborating with Staples to raise awareness

Inside a lofty, warehouse-style studio in Hollywood today, superstar Katy Perry today took to a small stage to talk to Los Angeles’ youth about the importance of education.

To be fair, there were actually only six youth there, if we’re only counting people under the age of 12 or so. Still, sitting in the front row, those six children were wide-eyed and giddy when the pop star walked up to the podium.

The press event was part of Staples’ announcement that they would donate $1 million to DonorsChoose.org, a nonprofit that helps fund classroom projects across the country so that the burden of buying supplies doesn’t fall to already underpaid teachers. Perry is lending her star power to the effort.

Addressing the group of youngsters, Perry explained why this issue is so important to her:

“I believe in education and I believe that education is the foundation for life. Because you know what’s really crazy, is like, I have all these glittery clothes, and like a fun life, and I get to travel the world and like sing onstage and all that stuff, but I never had an education. Isn’t that weird? Of all the things that I have, I don’t have an education…Now is when I am learning. I’m traveling the world, and absorbing all these experiences, and listening to people, and having fun cultural experiences, and that’s where my education comes from now because unfortunately I didn’t have a very consistent education…But can you imagine if I had an education and all of this? It would be mega!”

Perry is a natural at speaking to kids, although one wonders if she maybe always talks like she’s addressing a group of kindergartners. Who knows? Not us.

Either way, Perry’s heart is certainly in the right place. For more information about the effort, or about DonorsChoose.org, go here.