Kanye West Reportedly Marries Yeezy Staffer in Secret Ceremony

Are they officially married or is this the courtship phase? Either way, the rapper seems head over heels with his head of architecture at Yeezy

Recently, rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West has been spotted out and about with a mystery woman, with reports emerging of the couple having dinner in Beverly Hills. The woman in question, Yeezy Head of Architecture Bianca Censori, is no flash in the pan in Ye’s love life—it turns out, the two might have married, according to a report from TMZ.

“[West and Censori] had a private ceremony to celebrate their love,” TMZ reported on Friday, though the gossip outlet said that it doesn’t appear the couple has filed a marriage certificate to make anything legal.

However, West has been photographed wearing what looks like a wedding ring, loud and proud.

In what turned out to be a preview of what was to come, in December, Ye released a new track, “Censori Overload (Someday We’ll All Be Free”), presumably about his new gal. The opening lyrics: “Waking up to ‘I can’t do this anymore’ text/And The Bible said/I can’t have any more sex/’til marriage.”

Censori, who now has a bleached-blond pixie cut,  had long brunette locks for years. That seems to be until West, who is known to have a strong hand in the fashion choices of the women he dates, got ahold of her.

The controversial rapper’s new object of fascination hails from Australia and a LinkedIn profile lists her as the head of architecture at West’s company, Yeezy, since 2020; she currently lives in Los Angeles, according to the page, and attended the University of Melbourne, where she earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in architecture, completing her coursework in 2020. She’s also listed as the owner of Melbourne’s Nylons Jewellery from 2013-2017 and as a design consultant at Kelektiv from 2016-17.

It’s all speculation as to whether this relationship will go the way of West’s recent short flings with Chaney Jones and Julia Fox. Censori should take heed—as Fox told People, “How do I fit this really big personality into this already full life? It just wasn’t sustainable. I lost like 15 pounds that month.”

West’s divorce from his first wife, Kim Kardashian, was finalized in November.

This romance is Ye’s latest chapter after his recent rampage through the media, during which he was heard spewing vitriol against Jews, culminating in an appearance on Alex Jones’s Infowars, where he told Jones about the “good things” Hitler did, an offense that led to him losing a lucrative partnership with Adidas.

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