Kanye West Also Paid Off Employee Who Weathered His Racist Rants

Meanwhile, Kanye might have trouble cashing in on his “White Lives Matter” shirts because someone else grabbed the trademark

Just when we thought we might get a breather before restarting the clock on days-since learning about new antisemitism accusations against Kanye West… It turns out his history of racism is so rich that he allegedly settled with an employee who didn’t appreciate the musician-designer’s diatribes in support of Hitler and his fellow genocidal Nazis.

Aside from striking a private deal with the former employee, who claimed that West had spouted his now-famous brand of anti-Jewish hate speech in the workplace, according to documents reviewed by NBC News, another six people who worked with West or were in his presence in an otherwise professional environment over the past five years told the network they had heard him praise Adolf Hitler or mention conspiracy theories about Jewish people.

Three of the alleged witnesses are former employees or collaborators of West, currently known as Ye, who said they remembered several occasions on which the manic mogul treated the room to his antisemitic screeds. The three other people said they recalled a 2018 incident in which Ye went on a paranoid anti-Jew tirade during an interview at the offices of gossip site TMZ.

It’s unclear if these people include the former exec at several Ye enterprises who told CNN last week that they had been subjected to West’s many thoughts on world Jewry, but by now it sounds like classic Yeesh.

“He would praise Hitler by saying how incredible it was that he was able to accumulate so much power and would talk about all the great things he and the Nazi Party achieved for the German people,” the ex-associate, who settled with West and his companies in a deal that included a nondisclosure form, told CNN.

West has denied the claims made by the former employee in the agreement reviewed by NBC News, which also included an NDA, according to NBC.

Elsewhere in West race relations, he reportedly can’t even turn a buck on those exciting “White Lives Matter” shirts he debuted alongside ever-present-arch-conservative Candace Owens at his Paris Fashion Week event in early October.

Unfortunately for the free-falling multimedia impresario, the trademark on the phrase “White Lives Matter” is already owned by two Black radio hosts in Phoenix, according Capital B.

Ramses Ja and Quinton Ward were gifted the trademark from a longtime, anonymous fan of their show, who goes by Civic Cipher. That person claims to have “procured ownership of the phrase early last month”—presumably right after Kanye’s Paris debut—”to ensure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

The generous listener then offered to transfer the trademark to Ja and Ward in September. It officially entered their possession on Oct. 28, Capital B reports. If the registration is legit, it would give the duo sole ownership over the phrase and, crucially, the ability to sue anyone who uses the saying for financial gain… Aside from themselves, naturally.

“The way the law works is either you’re owning phrases, or it’s up for grabs for people to make money off them,” Ja told Capital B. “This person who first procured it didn’t really love owning it, because the purpose was not necessarily to get rich off of it; the purpose was to make sure that other people didn’t get rich off of that pain.”

That was never likely to become an issue of any urgency, however, considering that West and an associate were recently seen dumping a bunch of the shirts—manufactured by former American Apparel boss Dov Charney—on Skid Row.

Still, trademark cases based on widely-used turns of phrase tend be complicated, and are not necessarily decided on the basis of who filed their registration first. So West could still win this one… You know, if he’s got a good lawyer.

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