Just Lounging


Around sunset on Saturday evening international piano phenom (if you watched the opening ceremony for the Bejing Olympics – there was 27-year-old Lang Lang playing high above the crowd) took to the lobby, salon-style at Shutters on the Beach to play a few ditties before his Disney Hall concert the next night. Why you ask? Lang Lang digs LA, and when in our sunny city – he prefers the swankified Shutters, “I love it here. It’s so cool. I just watched the sunset,” he marveled. So with the waves crashing and the fog rolling in Industry folks (the AFM market is in town) shut their yaps and listened to a few exquisite pieces like  Chopin’s Etudes and then something he was playing the next night – Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 3. That one had everyone on their feet. New trend, please. Someone call me the next time Itzhak Perlman is playing the bar at Casa Del Mar.