June Releases

Susan Salter Reynolds reviews two new books

by Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers
(Knopf, 320 pages, $27)
After Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, a UCLA cardiologist and psychiatrist, helped treat a tamarin monkey, it led her down a revolutionary path. Animals, she found, suffer the same diseases as humans: cancer, chlamydia, obesity, depression. She believes that with increased communication between physicians and veterinarians, this new field, “zoobiquity,” will yield insights into the science of healing. 


Beautiful Ruins
by Jess Walter
(Harper, 352 pages, $26)

In 1962, Pasquale, a pensione proprietor in a seaside Italian village, falls in love with a frail American starlet. Dee Moray has been shuffled off the set of Cleopatra after a dalliance with Richard Burton leaves her pregnant. Cut to present-day Hollywood. Pasquale comes to Los Angeles to find Dee. It’s a Broadway musical of a novel, with a cast of characters whose dreams form the backdrop for the lifelong love affair between Dee and Pasquale.  


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