Rudy’s Choice: Giuliani Can Pay Ex-Wife $235K or Go to Jail

Rudy Giuliani skipped a crucial court hearing meant to hammer out exactly how much he owes his ex-wife—and is now in contempt

Lock him up! That was the message a judge sent to former Trump lawyer Rudolph Giuliani during a divorce hearing in New York City on Friday. Giuliani will be jailed in the city he once led as an iron-and-ham-fisted mayor if he doesn’t fork over $225,000 plus attorney’s fees to his ex-wife Judith Giuliani by early October, the New York Post reports.

Unfortunately, Giuliani wasn’t there to hear the stern message, having chosen to simply skip the event.

“If the amount is not paid by that date, I’m going to be forced—unfortunately because it’s not something I want to do—I’m going to be forced to remand the defendant into custody,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz said at the hearing.

Judith Giuliani’s lawyers first asked the judge to find Rudy in contempt back in August, stating he was in arrears to the tune of $262,000 for such needs as payments on a Palm Beach Condo and country club dues. And Dolph knows he needs to pay up, admitting so at the previous hearing, although he disputes exactly how much, calling the amount his ex is asking for a “gross exaggeration,” according to the Post.

“There is no dispute that the judgment has not been complied with because the defendant admitted last time that he owes money,” Katz said.

Friday’s hearing, in fact, was supposed to consist of oral arguments regarding the remaining amount he owed after he made a payment to her of $45,000. But, again, he elected not to show up. Because Giuliani has not submitted any proof to the court, Judge Katz said, he is now holding him in contempt.

After the hearing, Judith’s lawyer Dior Bikel told the Post it was “outrageous” for Giuliani “not to meet his legal obligations,” especially taking into account his status as a former federal prosecutor.

“For him to snub his nose at the court and not bother showing up and appearing in court— God forbid somebody would do that to him when he was US attorney.”

Judith Giuliani filed for divorce in April 2018, after being married for 15 years.

Giuliani’s recent adventures working for Trump saw his law license suspended in both New York and the District of Columbia, and he’s running into ethics charges over “false election claims” from the D.C. bar. He was sued for $1.3 billion by Dominion Voting Systems, which furnished voting machines for the 2020 election that he claimed was rigged.

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