Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Janet Jackson Lip Sync Is Perfect, Has Now Been Viewed by Nearly 8 Million People

We truly are a part of a rhythm nation

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is proving himself indispensable in the lip sync game. Last week on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, the actor nailed a performance of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation; since then, the video has been viewed online nearly 6 million times, and on TV—including various states of streaming delays, as of today—a total of 1.8 million times.

The clip offers Gordon-Levitt doing a shockingly accurate recreation of Jackson’s iconic dance that, some might argue, effectively redefined the appropriate way to count down from five using fingers. Dressed in full-on Jackson drag, Gordon-Levitt drew dropped jaws from his competitor, Anthony Mackie. It’s frankly not hard to see why; who knew that the man who brought you the twee 500 Days of Summer could rock such a perfect robot?