Jordyn Woods Announces New Clothing Line–Right After Her Kardashian Scandal TV Episode Airs

This is a case for the FBI

Well, well, well. If we thought we’d finished hearing about the Khloé Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods love triangle drama–we were wrong. After all, the devil works hard but the Kardashians (and apparently, anyone associated with them) work harder.

In case you missed it a couple months ago, it was reported that longtime Kardashian pal and Kylie Jenner BFF ,Jordyn Woods had reportedly hooked up with Khloé’s partner and father of her child, Tristan Thompson. When news broke about Woods and Thompson, it dominated headlines for weeks.

Since reality television takes a bit to catch up with reality, we’re only just seeing the fallout of the incident make its way to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Last night, the scandal finally aired. The episode mainly focused on how the Kardashian sisters found out about the alleged hook-up and how Khloé was handling it (spoiler alert: not so good).

But this morning it was announced that Woods’ would be launching her second design collaboration with international retailer,, set to launch globally on June 26.

We can’t help but wonder, is the timing a case of Woods throwing shade at the Kardashians? Is this just a coincidence? Or is this part of a bigger plan–a plan where everything was fabricated in the first place?

Or maybe, should we just mind our business and instead focus on how we can stop the world from falling apart?

In any case, people on social media are already drawing their own conclusions and theories about the latest development in this whole ordeal.

Guess only time will tell if Woods’ latest business venture is simply her moving on past the Kardashian Kurse and thriving… or if it’s all just a part of a bigger scheme and the joke is actually on us for falling for a Kardashian publicity stunt… yet again.

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