Jon Stewart Is Back, Y’all

The comedian signed a four-year deal with HBO for content that will be released starting early next year

Jon Stewart’s prodigies, from John Oliver to Trevor Noah to Steve Carrell to Stephen Colbert to Jessica Williams, have expanded his platform of funny-meets-newsy in the best ways possible. But many Stewart fans miss the comedian/newsman/writer/producer/wrestling fanatic/animal-sanctuary-founder himself. Now, we can all breathe easy: HBO has announced a four-year production contract with the actor, effective immediately.

The content will start with “short-form digital content, which will be showcased on HBO NOW, HBO GO and other platforms,” according to a statement released by HBO. Per CNN, Stewart’s content will be available online “sometime early next year.”

Stewart will be working with the cloud graphics company OTOY Inc. to develop new technology that will allow him to publish several times a day.

In other words, Jon Stewart is about to become a blogger (vlogger?). The best, perhaps, that the Internet has ever seen.