Johnny Depp’s Libel Suit Airs Some Dirty Laundry

The actor, who’s suing a newspaper for calling him a ”wife beater,” claims ex-wife Amber Heard once defecated in their bed as a prank

On the fourth day of testimony in Johnny Depp’s libel suit against U.K.’s The Sun, the actor again vehemently denied the newspaper’s 2018 claim that he beat ex-wife Amber Heard, though he admitted that he was less certain as to who, exactly, pooped in the couple’s bed at their Los Angeles penthouse.

While all parties in London’s High Court today agreed that someone, or something, defecated in Pitt and Heard’s marital bed after he showed up late to her 30th birthday celebration at the Eastern Columbia Building in DTLA, there are still multiple suspects in the case.

Depp contends that it was either Heard herself who left the offending mess, or else her friend, iO Tillet Wright, saying that author and activist “seemed the only one that would be crass enough to commit such an act.”

Defending The Sun, barrister Sasha Wass suggested that Boo, one of the couple’s Yorkies, was behind the soiling—citing the dog’s “problems with her toilet habits.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean star conceded that the culprit’s identity remains “a mystery,” but insisted that the feces “was not left by a three or four-pound dog.”

Heard has allegedly described the defecation as “just a harmless prank,” and Depp admitted he thought it was “hilarious” when he received pictures of the waste. “Not sure I’ve laughed that hard for years,” he wrote in a text. “At least the photos are hilarious.”

Depp, who joked about the incident at the time, calling Heard “Amber Turd” and referring to “Amber in the dumps,” told the court, “It was one of the most absurd, unexpected statements that I have ever witnessed in my life so, yes, initially I did laugh because it was so strange.”

The defecation debacle, Depp said, was “a fitting end” to the relationship.

In less amusing cross-examination testimony, Depp denied Wass’s accusations that he had thrown a champagne magnum and a phone at Heard, and had grabbed her hair and “pushed her to the ground” during the birthday argument.

The court also heard a phone message from Depp to Lady Gaga’s ex-fiance, Christian Carino, in which Depp threatens to maim Elon Musk, believing the Tesla billionaire had an affair with Heard.

“I’ll show him things he’s never seen before,” Depp allegedly said, “like the other side of his dick when I slice it off.”

Musk has said he was not involved with Heard while she was married.

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