Johnny Carson Never Left; He Just Took a Broadcast Vacation

TCM mines the best “Tonight Show” interviews—starting tonight

Where would we be without the wit of Johnny Carson on late-night television? The legendary chat show host visited America’s living room from 1962 to 1992, amusing the masses and keeping their eyes on the screen.

Tonight, Turner Classic Movies launches Carson on TCM, a series dedicated to the best celebrity interviews Carson conducted. Each hour-long segment, which will debut on Monday nights in July, contains five interviews and will be followed by a feature film of the last interviewed actor. Each installment of the series, which is curated and edited by the Johnny Carson archives, will be introduced by Conan O’Brien.

Tonight’s episode begins with Drew Barrymore from 1982 after the release of Steven Speilberg’s E.T. Other notable interview subjects include, Kirk Douglas, Mel Brooks, Robin Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, and Henry Fonda.