Jim Carrey is Magnificent in This Spoof of Sia’s “Chandelier”

The only thing freakier than the child dancer in the original video is Jim Carrey in a leotard

WHAT: This weekend Jim Carrey proved that his limbs are almost as pliant as his face. The Saturday Night Live host starred in a skit in which he and a coworker (Kate McKinnon) compete in a dance-off to Sia’s “Chandelier” to decide the winner of the office Halloween party.

THE VERDICT:  Yes, please! Choreographed by Ryan Heffington (who we profile in our November issue) the original video for “Chandelier” is freaky and fantastic. It features 11-year-old Maddie Ziegler (of the reality show Dance Moms) performing a dazzling mash-up of balletic turns, krump-like moves, and clownish facial expressions while wearing a flesh-colored leotard and blonde wig. Other celebs including Lena Dunham have aped the video, but the SNL spoof is our favorite. It features Carrey and McKinnon (in pale leotards and blunt-cut wigs like Ziegler wore in the original) leaping, rolling, squatting, and thrusting around the studio, including in a graveyard set and with musical guest Iggy Azalea. At one point Carrey looks like he’s trying to give birth to an imaginary child. We’re not the only ones who loved it. Sia approves. The episode is this season’s highest rated episode so far.