Jim Carrey’s Political Drawings Are on Display in a New Gallery Show

The actor takes his Trump outrage IRL

Shortly after the election of Donald Trump, actor Jim Carrey began peppering his Twitter feed with hand-drawn political art skewering the President and his enablers. Using markers and acrylic paints, Carrey highlights the grotesqueries of our political present: Trump’s pursed lips trained to Vladimir Putin’s bare buttocks, Trey Gowdy with oversized ears and a fleshy pink rat’s tail, Jared Kushner with dollar signs floating in his lifeless, black eyes.

As time’s gone on (and as things have gotten worse), Carrey’s output has increased. Now, a collection of his original drawings is on display for the first time ever at Maccarone Gallery in Boyle Heights. Titled IndigNATION: Political Drawings by Jim Carrey, 2016-2018, the show was timed to coincide with the midterm election season.

“Carrey’s cartoon drawings are a conduit for his frustration and disappointment in the U.S. constituency, his response to the election of a controversial and ill-equipped media figure and the corrupt and dishonest manner in which the current administration is perceived to function,” show materials explain. “By sharing these drawings, Carrey draws attention to the dysfunctional policies of an embattled White House and a chaotic government whose motives and actions seem to threaten the very democracy they are tasked to preserve.”

In an interview with the the Los Angeles Times Carrey said, “I will not accept a liar as my leader. There is only one true enemy of the state and that’s the president.” Here’s a selection of works from the show, courtesy Maccarone Gallery.

jim Carrey political art los angeles
“Father’s Day 2018, 2018”


I Scream You Scream Will We Ever Stop Screaming, 2018
The Great Spewdini, 2018

Jim Carrey

Stage 4 America, 2018
Giuliani Doesn’t Bleach The Bottom Teeth, 2018

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