Jim Carrey Needs Your Help Finishing His Latest Anti-Trump Work of Art

The actor-artist-activist asks fans to #ColorHimGone

Sharpen up those macaroni and cheese-colored Crayolas—Jim Carrey has an assignment for you.


Yesterday, the actor-turned-political artist—whose first L.A. gallery show, IndigNATION, was on display from late October through early December—tweeted a black-and-white line drawing of Donald Trump being kicked in the rear by the Rule of Law. “Didn’t have time to color my drawing today,” he wrote. “I figured you could all help me finish it!”

While Carrey was at last night’s Golden Globes—he was nominated for his Showtime dark comedy Kidding—people’s completed pieces rolled in via the #ColorHimGone hashtag. Some of them are pretty elaborate.

Even kids got in on the action.


The actor tweeted today that his artistically inclined fans should “keep ’em coming” for a chance to win his original drawing. (You can download the a colorable version here.) Carrey didn’t bring home a Globe, but he sort of won the night anyway.

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