Jeanie Buss Loves Jay Mohr, and She Wants Everyone to Know It

The Lakers owner celebrated her 60th by gushing about her actor-comedian boyfriend in a weekend Tweet

Los Angeles Lakers owner-president Jeanie Buss celebrated her 60th birthday Sunday by announcing to the world that she totally, totally loves actor-comedian Jay Mohr.

“Happiness. Love. Joy,” she gushed to her 400,000 Twitter followers. “That’s what you have given me on my birthday and every day in between. This picture, taken at our friend’s wedding in June, tells the story, our story. I guess really can have it all. I love you @jaymohr37”

The two blondes have been a rumored pair since at least early 2017, right around the end of Buss’s 18-year relationship with—and four-year engagement to—basketball shaman Phil Jackson, who was head coach of the Lakers from 2005 to 2011.

Mohr, 51—who is among the earliest pioneers in the development of the Christopher Walken impression—has been married twice before, most famously to actress Nikki Cox, in an entanglement that took two divorce filings to undo.

Standup fans may have noticed Buss and Mohr before sports enthusiasts picked up on the budding romance, as the Lakers boss has been in comedy circles for some time. In 2018, she was set to do her first showcase at the Haha Café in North Hollywood, but had to cancel because LeBron James was making his preseason debut with the team that night. Buss did finally show off her comedy chops at Jinky’s Café in Studio City this summer.

Buss also co-produced a standup special for Mohr in January, 2019, which she announced without mentioning, you know, the love.

Mohr himself was less shy about his warm feels on The Adam Corolla Show in January, 2020, telling Corolla, “We talk all the time… Marriage is like the only thing next.”

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