Jane’s Addiction Walks the Red Carpet

The City of West Hollywood honors the band for its contribution to culture on the Sunset Strip

It’s official. September 18 is now Jane’s Addiction Day in West Hollywood. On Friday the city honored giving the band the band the Elmer Valentine Award for its contribution to arts and culture on the Sunset Strip. During the event, which was part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival, band members, celebrities, industry execs, musicians, high-profile fans, and a few yetis walked the red carpet at the House of Blues. We caught up with some of them.

Tony Hawk on his first impressions of the band:
They took music out of a terrible, manufactured, hair music cycle. I remember the first time I heard “Trip Away” I was like, “This is something new, and I’m in.” In fact, I sent this to Perry [Ferrell] a while back for his birthday: My friends and I made a homemade video to “Pigs in Zen” [from the album Nothing’s Shocking] in ’88, right after it came out. We thought we were going to be rock stars like that. They really were rock stars.

Dave Navarro on the success of Nothing’s Shocking:
I think the four of us really didn’t expect there to be any wide reaching success. I don’t know if we expected it to be a hailed record, so I think we all just kind of stuck to what we did naturally and focused on making what we loved. And I think that’s what came across to people. I hope so.

Perry Farrell on the inspiration of Nothing’s Shocking:
I felt that we had incredible music, incredible musicianship. Our lives were at stake. That was the feeling in writing Nothing’s Shocking. It was everything to us. We spent every waking moment thinking about the band and the music, and really it all boils down to that. Today, I look around and I see musicians and bands, and I wonder how much time and effort and blood and guts they spent writing those songs. It’s not like the old days, man. I was just listening to John Lennon Anthology, and I mean, people like John Lennon were who we were inspired by, and we wanted to carry the legacy, the rock music legacy, from people like the Beatles and the Doors and the Stones. That was the energy we put into making Nothing’s Shocking.