Metallica Frontman James Hetfield Shows Off His Insane Car Collection at the Petersen

The rock icon and serious gearhead made his first public appearance since entering rehab last year

Guitar heroes from Jeff Beck to ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons are also renowned as serious gearheads. Metallica’s James Hetfield is among them. For the past 14 years, Hetfield has commissioned ten outrageous custom rides fashioned from the ruins of classic Lincolns, Packards, Buicks, and other Detroit iron.

Now that Hetfield has had his fun, he’s turned the lot over to the Petersen Automotive Museum for the exhibit Reclaimed Rust: The James Hetfield Collection. In his first public appearance since re-entering rehab in September, the Metallica frontman told an SRO pre-opening audience at the museum Thursday evening that the cars “weren’t doing me much good sitting in my garage. I loved looking at them, but I didn’t want to auction them off and have them spread all over the world. This is a collection—it marks my life.”

The exhibit opens February 1 and runs through October.