iPhone to Let You Undo Nightmare Texts—Twitter Thinks That’s Shady

Apple announced on Monday that iPhone users will be able to edit or delete messages with this fall’s iOS 16 update, and social media predicts that will be awesome for cheating

We’ve all experienced that stomach dropping moment when we’ve accidentally sent a text message to someone filled with typos—either due to human error or the tricky autocorrect function—or we’ve unintentionally texted “I love you” to a manager rather than a significant other.

Well, beginning this fall, iPhone users won’t have to frantically send a follow-up message to explain their error.

At Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the tech giant announced that its latest update, iOS 16, will allow users to edit and unsend messages they’ve already sent in its Messages app.

iPhone users will have 15 minutes to either edit or unsend a message. Once a text is deleted, users can recover it for up to 30 days. Those features will only work when sending messages to other iPhones, however, not Androids. Users will also be able to mark a message as unread so they can revisit it later when they have time to respond.

Apple software engineering senior VP Craig Federighi said the new texting function is among the most requested features from iMessage users, according to the Verge. However, the new text feature has been receiving mixed responses from users on social media, with some saying that it will eliminate embarrassing moments, while several others have joked that it could trigger issues, particularly in relationships.

One person tweeted, “The new ios allowing unsending and editing of text messages… so wack but big win for cheaters liars and gaslighters i gwuexx”

“Am I the only one who thinks the new apple feature of editing text messages after they are sent is shady af ?!” tweeted another person, along with a gif of Cardi B squinting her eyes in disapproval, saying “That’s suspicious.”

One person joked, “New iMessage will allow you to delete and edit texts. Now you can text ‘you up’ and delete it if they aren’t.”

One Twitter user warned that iPhone users will need to “hurry up and screenshot important text messages mfs are able to edit and unsend shit now”

A handful of people questioned why Twitter hasn’t been able to accommodate a similar feature for the social media platform—a feature that Elon Musk polled users about adding to the app back in April. “I can’t believe Apple is letting us edit our text messages before Twitter is letting us edit our tweets” one person noted.

Others, meanwhile, suggested new offerings that Apple should include in the update.

One person called out Apple, saying, “Editing and unsending text messages is great but, when will be able to schedule text messages? Sincerely, The one who always says ‘I’ll just text them later’ but always forgets.”

Another person said, “Apple adding security on your hidden photos makes more sense than editing a text thread lol”

Other iOS 16 updates will allow users to customize their lock screen with new fonts, widgets, and colors, as well as offering Apple Pay Later, which is the company’s answer to Afterpay and Klarna. Another noteworthy tweak is the tech giant’s Safety Check function, which will allow users to quickly revoke information-sharing access—such as iCloud, contacts, and location data—from an abusive partner, The Verge reports.

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