Best Instagrammable Street Art

When it comes to orchestrating the ultimate Instagram post, you’ll have to get more creative than standing in front of Silver Lake’s Elliott Smith wall. For those looking to rake in the double-taps, grab a pal and your smartphone and head to one of these graphic backdrops that have popped up throughout L.A.

Inspirational: The Global Angel Wings Project
4th Pl. and Hewitt St., Downtown
Los Angeles artist Colette Miller has been painting whimsical angel wings everywhere—from Kenya to Hawaii—since 2012. The pinions are part of her Global Angel Wings Project, which seeks to “remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth.”
Tag that: Miller’s handiwork can be found on buildings across the city, but we like the set outside of Art Share L.A., where plenty of other murals provide Insta-ammo.

Joyful: The Polka-Dot Wall
608 Mateo St., Downtown
The Most Famous Artist, a collective whose self-professed aim is to “control the media and influence consciousness through art,” has created a cheerful assemblage of orderly, multicolored polka dots on a bright white wall at the Springs wellness center and restaurant. Despite such lofty intentions, the work is refreshingly plebeian.
Tag that: According to TMFA founder Matty Mo, the wall was designed to be Instagram friendly.

Statement: The Ha Ha Ha Wall
Rose Ave. and Speedway, Venice
Another piece by the Most Famous Artist, the simple black-and-white work—black background, white Ha’s—is hidden in the alley behind the Venice Ale House. If the current coat of paint were stripped away, you might catch a glimpse of TMFA’s popular #selfie-wall (featuring the word selfie repeated in many colors).
Tag that: The wall is repainted frequently, so get your laughs before it’s gone.

Romantic: The Love Wall
Hayden Ave. and Warner Dr., Culver City
The Beatles were right: Love is all you need—to launch a successful social media campaign. Photographer and street artist Curtis Kulig has left his “Love Me” script all over L.A., including the northwest corner of Smashbox Studios. Kulig used metallic silver paint to write the word love again and again on the red wall like a besotted student writing lines on a chalkboard.
Tag that: Stop by for the perfect selfie with bae.