Inside Trixie Mattel’s Launch Party for Her Motel Makeover Show

The ”RuPaul Drag Race All Stars” winner describes an ideal Trixie guest as someone who ”knows how to plug in a curling iron and put on some lipstick” and ”loves to support the queer community”

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 3 winner Trixie Mattel has launched her new show, Trixie Motel, on Discovery+. In the deserts of Palm Springs, Trixie, her business and life partner David Silver, interior designer Dani Dazey, and numerous celebrity guests take on the ultimate drag makeover. Over eight episodes with their crew in tow, Trixie and Silver rehab a midcentury modern fixer-upper and transform it into the draggy oasis Palm Springs dreams are made of. 

The couple hosted a party at Micky’s in West Hollywood this past week to celebrate the show’s launch, complete with flamingo sippy cups, pink balloons, and a Trixie-themed photo-op station. Because Trixie is the self-described “Queen of Pink,” everyone in attendance sported pink. It was like Legally Blonde meets Bird Cage in the most glamorous way possible. 

And the pink didn’t stop there. Serv Vodka, a drag queen-themed vodka company, sponsored the event and served Trixie’s pink lemonade-flavored vodka in a lemon drop martini. 

Trixie’s signature pink lemonade lemon drop cocktail

When Trixie started this project, she had one goal: to transform a rundown motel into a drag fantasy on a budget, and L.A-based interior designer Dani Dazey helped her do just that. The two instantly connected over their shared love of kitsch and everything retro. 

“Working with Trixie on my first TV show was such a dream because Trixie really made me feel comfortable. Trixie’s down to earth. She’s real. She’s hilarious, and she just made it feel very natural and made me feel very welcomed,” Dazey told LAMag. 

Mattel and Dazey pose for a photo-op at the premier of Trixie Motel at Micky’s in WEHO (via Getty Images)

Guests from all over the world will likely flock to the motel once it’s opened to the public. And Mattel hopes everyone who enters her desert paradise appreciates all the work that went into it. She had a very clear picture in mind when asked who the ideal Trixie Motel customer was.

“She’s well-dressed. She knows how to plug in a curling iron and put on some lipstick. She likes to have a drink and loves disco. She loves a self-directed photo shoot, and she loves to support the queer community,” Mattel told LAMag

Trixie and her partner, David Silver, also know exactly what they want to be happening in the honeymoon suite on a Saturday night. 

“Probably anal. Consensual anal,” Mattel said. 

And Silver echoed those sentiments. 

“Sex! Anal!” Silver told LAMag

For information on the motel’s grand opening, see the website here. Trixie Motel can be found on Discovery+. 

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