Inside the West Hollywood EDITION’s Basement Club

The luxury hotel’s subterranean club simply known as Sunset is an exciting addition to the Sunset Strip’s bustling nightlife scene

Driving down the Sunset Strip, it’s difficult to miss the eye-catching West Hollywood EDITION, the latest addition to acclaimed hotelier and Studio 54 co-founder Ian Schrager’s collection of luxury accommodations.

But what you’ve likely overlooked is the boutique hotel’s coolest hangout spot, simply known as Sunset.

Tucked in the basement of the hotel, located on the corner of West Sunset Boulevard and North Doheny Drive, Sunset is a modern nightclub that celebrates the spirit of the clubs and musical venues that dotted the infamous Sunset Strip in the 1970s, making it a world-renowned party destination.

(Photo courtesy of Sunset at EDITION)

When patrons enter the subterranean club from the Doheny Drive street entrance, they are greeted by a sleek dark entrance lobby. As they make their way down a dimly lit staircase and through a set of double doors, they are immersed into the world of Sunset, which boasts a glistening dance floor that is filled with 400 rotating disco balls that hang from the ceiling and a billiard table where you can show off your skills.Tables, which are available for reservation, are positioned right in the action, surrounding the dance floor.

In Sunset, there’s also an intimate speakeasy space known as the Sunset Room that is reminiscent of British 19-century private clubs with its green velvet-covered seating and dark wood walls.

“Bring each of these elements together whilst simultaneously celebrating a high level of musical integrity is something completely new to the strip,” Frank Roberts, VP of Brand Experience at EDITION Hotels, told LAMag. “We want people to get lost in the night and experience a true sense of freedom” when they enter the nightclub, he added.

(Photo courtesy of Sunset at EDITION)

Visiting the Sunset, you won’t just hear mainstream hits that dominate the radio airways and music charts. With a roster of eclectic DJs, the venue prioritizes “a high level of musical integrity” that explores music from all genres, Roberts said. Clubbers can experience IT by Framework which sees a surprise line-up of talent announced each week on Thursday nights, while Fridays offer an open-format party, and a classic house night by DJ Zen Freeman takes place on Saturdays. A stunning display wall of thousands of vinyl records towers impressively just behind the kinetically energized DJ booth.

Musical guests like legendary soul singer Chaka Khan, EDM star Diplo, The Roots’ bandleader Questlove, and L.A. native and deep house music legend Marques Wyatt have performed at the Sunset. Several other entertainers, fashion designers, and socialites have been seen partying there as well.

Diplo performing at Sunset at EDITION (Photo courtesy of the West Hollywood EDITION)

The bustling bars—there’s also one in the Sunset Room—offers six signature cocktails with tongue in cheek names such as the “I Don’t Know Her” drink (with Casamigos mezcal, blueberry, ginger, clement, and jalapeño), the “That’s The Move” beverage (with Salers Aperitif, Pimm’s, and other ingredients), “The Getaway Driver” (strawberry shrub, grapefruit, and seltzer), and the “Hey Baby” drink (Volcan Blanco, basil, lime, pineapple, and banana).

Even with all the bells and whistles, what makes the Sunset nightclub a special edition to the Sunset Strip is that whether you want to groove all night on the dance floor, catch your favorite musician perform, play a game of pool, or enjoy a more laid back vibe in the Sunset Room, there’s truly something for every type of club-goer to enjoy.

Sunset at EDITION is located at 9040 West Sunset Boulevard and is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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