In Showcase: One Network’s Search for White Diversity, Funny or Die Takes on Race in Hollywood

Because there are so many shades of white!

It’s hard to make a funny video about racial inequity.

But it’s also hard to keep an entire industry so white that it takes international billionaire superstars boycotting your event before you agree to do something about it. In honor of all of these truths, Funny of Die created a sketch in which a TV network aims to tackle diversity, one white person at a time.

The skit features three female executives as they attempt to diversify not by casting more women or people of color but by acknowledging the harsh reality that television just always casts the same white guy over and over. The women decide that it’s time to do the right thing: Look for a broader range of white guys.

The name of the search? The Matt Damon White Diversity Showcase.