This New Poll Says Americans Are Evenly Split on Impeachment

Support for the president overall is falling

New data from Public Policy Polling finds that support for the impeachment of President Trump is now evenly split at 46 percent for and 46 percent against. Two weeks ago support for impeachment was 35 percent.

Is impeachment a possibility? At the moment, it’s only a remote one. While some Democrats have discussed impeachment publicly, no member of the House of Representatives has charged the president with anything, which is the first step. After that, a whole bunch of Republicans would have to go along. Then it goes to the Senate. Impeachment is not easy, and that’s by design.

Public Policy Polling is a Democratic polling firm that is known for the unconventional data it generates. This latest poll is no exception.

  • Among those who support the president’s controversial executive order on immigration, 51 percent say that the Bowling Green Massacre shows why the president’s immigration policy is necessary. (If that sentence doesn’t startle you, here’s some background on the Bowling Green Massacre.)
  • When judges overrule the president, 51 percent of Trump voters think the president should be able to overrule the judge, thus rendering the Constitution meaningless.
  • Last week it was unclear whether or not the president knew that abolitionist Frederick Douglass was dead. (For the record: Douglass died in 1895.) Turns out the president might not be alone. Only 47 percent of Trump voters know that Douglass is dead, compared to 78 percent of Hillary Clinton voters.

You can view all of the data here.

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