These Hypnotic Paint-Smearing Videos Are the Most Satisfying Thing You’ll See All Day

We’ll take a mental escape wherever we can get it

If your social media feed looks anything like mine—an unending politically-charged hellscape, that is—then it’s likely you appreciate breaks in the white noise that come in the form of elephants frolicking in baby pools or that shop in New York that serves cookie dough as if it were ice cream. (Who cares about Shake Shack; are we getting one of those in L.A. or what?)

If you’re searching for a more soothing escape, though, consider following Annette Labedzki on Instagram. The Vancouver-based artist (who sells works via her eBay store) makes paint-smearing videos that are surprisingly mesmerizing and incredibly satisfying. Each video starts with separate pools or dollops of vibrant paints (and sometimes even glitter!) that Labedzki then blends together using a palette knife. Watch them on mute for relaxing visual stimulation; watch with the volume up for some added ASMR-y sound effects (the squishy sounds of paint being moved around, the scrapey noises of the palette knife hitting the table). Check a few out below: