Huntington Beach’s New Oceanside Hotel Just Planned Your Next Weekend Getaway

You didn’t even know that you wanted a Beach Butler

Here’s a #FirstWorldProblem we’ve all faced at one time or another: The weekend approaches and you want to get the eff out of L.A., but your immediate options are kind of sorry. San Diego is too far, Joshua Tree sounds too much like camping, and you were just in Santa Barbara for a wedding.

But now, there’s a new hotel in Huntington Beach that might solve all of our vacation-related concerns in one fell swoop. Paséa Hotel and Spa, which opened last week, is located right on the waterfront, and its standout offerings — the things that make it worth leaving home in the first place — include a Vegas-style pool and hot tub, a call-in service that lets you order everything from toiletries to yoga classes to brewery tours from your room, and a Balinese-inspired spa.

If all of that weren’t enough, they also have a service called Beach Butlers. You may think you know what such a thing is—after all, Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island has been hip to beachside valets for some time now—but the ones at Paséa Hotel and Spa go the extra mile. They’ll organize your beach trip for you, because let’s be honest, it’s a pain in the ass. Beach Butlers will check the weather and the tide reports, fetch your surfboard wax and beach chairs, and even cart you to the shore in a pedicab. Sign us up.

Rooms aren’t exactly cheap, but if one night of peace is what you’re after — in addition to, perhaps, an afternoon spent in the spa’s private garden area — this might just be your next weekend destination.