HuffPo’s Ex-Wives (and Husbands) Club Meetup


A wife running over (and over, and over) her husband with her Mercedes, frequent trips to the police station, and having an affair with a much older Catholic Priest. These are just a few of the happy topics covered at the Huffington Post Divorce Page’s “Moment I Knew Meetup” at Palihouse on Tuesday night, where a lineup of writers including Amy Wallen, Amy Friedman, Sascha Rothchild, Sandra Kobrin, Dennis Danziger, and Gordon Haber stepped up to a mic and shared stories about the moment they knew their marriages were over. 

Some readings were funny (Amy Wallen on Hallmark cards for mistresses), some were self-blaming (Dennis Danzinger on missing many a bright red flag), and some were wrenching (Sasha Rothchild on not wanting her husband on the guest list for her 30th birthday party). Most were some combination of the three. All ended in divorce and received warm applause. So there, terrible exes.