HowAboutWe Date Report: Gone Fishin’


My dad is a fisherman. He taught me to fish when I was little. I had a yellow tackle box from the boat show (ok, so I put polished rocks in it, sorted by color). He showed me how to cast my line out from the shore and how to troll from the boat. Trolling involved sticking your line in the water and having it trail behind in order to snag a fish. To me, this wasn’t very relaxing.

Now I am giving the mag’s new dating site with HowAboutWe a try, and I am avoiding the frenzied trolling for multiple fish, er, I mean, dates. On the site, you can sign up for free and suggest date ideas, and there are various levels of participation. There is a small monthly fee to send messages, and so on. There are some clever date suggestions from fellas, some sappy ones and some that need a spell check. I’ve chatted with some interesting men, and have suggested a few dates, but (excuse incoming!) have been working too much to go out. I cover parties, which is basically like going out for a living, and keep vampire-like hours. Right now, as Bratt Pitt aka Lt. Aldo Raine would say, “Business is-a-booming.”

I¹ll keep casting slowly from the shore after the holidays, I swear.

The site also has articles from time to time. Here’s the HowAboutWe folks list of five people you should NOT hook up with this holiday weekend. Check it out before the turkey coma sets in.