How to Star in Your Own Adaptation of Game of Thrones

<em>Game of Thrones</em> fan fiction is everywhere online, but it’s not just the literary kind. Here are three fan made films set in the world of Westeros

Fantasy author and captain’s hat aficionado, George R.R. Martin, famously hates fan-fiction based on his Game of Thrones universe, but it’s an uphill battle for Martin, judging by the popularity of his characters amongst online amateur writers with a penchant for sword fights, dragons, and magic. And it’s not just the literary kind Martin has to worry about. Now, fan made videos that either recreate scenes from certain episodes (“The Red Wedding” is a favorite) or spin-offs that feature new characters and plot lines but are still set in the world of Westeros are popping up on YouTube. Some are predictably terrible and a lot like Jack Black and Mos Def’s attempts at recreating their favorite movies in Be Kind Rewind but others are downright genius.

Here are three fan made flicks straight from the Seven Kingdoms to tide you over until the real deal starts up again next week.

The Red Letter

The Red Letter is produced by a small sci-fi and fantasy production company called Mars Rising. There isn’t much of a plot line (two characters are ambushed in the woods) but the sword fights are incredibly well-choreographed. The dialogue is a bit stiff and at times incomprehensible, but the twist at the end is worth it all.

A Tale of Benjen Stark

Photographer and visual designer Benjamin von Vong uses the season one character Benjen Stark in his short film, A Tale of Benjen Stark, produced by Five Knights Productions. Von Vong calls himself a visual engineer, which is a pretty apt description. The haunting mood and dark tone in A Tale of Benjen Stark comes from an incredible attention to detail, both in costumes and make up and with regard to the setting. Easily one of the best odes to GoT out there.

Game of Thrones Wish-Fulfillment
Game of Thrones Wish-Fulfillment was produced by viral content kings College Humor, so you kind of already know what this is going to be like. The premise is very simple. Everything you’ve ever wanted to happen (and by “everything” we mean “everyone”, and by “wanted to happen” we mean “wanted to see dead”) happens. Ned Stark avoids beheading and chops of Joffrey’s arm to pummel him with it, Sansa has her revenge, and Arya’s fencing teacher returns from the dead to kill Tywin Lannister. Not for the faint of heart.