How to Pack the Most On-Point Picnic Baskets for Cinespia’s June Lineup at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Food and beverage essentials that pair perfectly with the month’s slate of films

Cinespia, L.A.’s beloved outdoor film screening series, has announced their June lineup. It begins with a Tina Fey classic and ends with a special tribute screening of Prince’s Purple Rain.

Taking place on summer evenings at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, Cinespia is an outdoor adventure, one that requires planning, patience and a cellular understanding of how crowds in Los Angeles function. That said, those who truly crush Cinespia are those whose picnic game woke up like this: Baskets at the ready, folding chairs placed by the door waiting to be grabbed, snacks a-plenty with pre-paired alcohol. 

It’s not easy to be that person if you’re not her/him naturally, so we’ve put together a little guide to help you on your journey through Cinespia 2016’s first month. Here’s how to pack for each event. After this, it’s every film buff for themselves:

June 4: Mean Girls (2004)
Scour your local CVS for anything that can pass as Halloween candy—Candy Corn, mini-Snickers, Now & Laters—and tote them to the cemetery in a pumpkin basket typically reserved for trick-or-treating. This is to pay homage to the pivotal scene in the film, in which Regina George steals Aaron back from Cady, launching the feud that fuels the whole film. Pair with virgin martinis.47k3Z

June 11To Catch A Thief (1955)
Start by hitting up domaineLA—just over a mile away from Hollywood Forever—and picking up a bottle of French wine, as this film begins with our hero, Cary Grant, having retired to a villa on the French Riviera. Go to Gelson’s or Ralph’s for a rotisserie chicken in honor of the picnic scene in the film, in which Grace Kelly asks the only line one should ever ask when serving chicken: “Want a leg or a breast?” catch14

June 18: Goodfellas (1990)
This entire movie essentially takes place in an Italian restaurant*, so your job is easy. Go to Musso and Frank’s and order off the Italian Entrees portion of the menu for takeout (note: you have to be there in person to order anything to go). While you’re there, toss back one of their signature martinis.


June 25: Raising Arizona (1987)
Several food staples appear regularly in the lives of H.I. and Ed in this Coen Brothers classic, and those foods make for a delightful picnic basket. Hit up Ralph’s for some Lay’s Potato Chips, Budweiser, Coke, J&B Whiskey, and Oreos. Proceed to fend off everyone who brought fancier shit to the party and now wants some of yours.

July 2: Purple Rain (1984)
This might be the most important film you prepare for all summer, so here are some rules and suggestions:

  1. No meat. Prince was a dedicated vegan.
  2. Feel free to pack sweets, including but not limited to Tootsie Pops, maple syrup, and Dunk-a-roos.
  3. If you’re in a more savory type of mood, consider a nice hummus/pita/veggie platter.
  4. Maybe bring along a tupperware of spaghetti and a tumbler of OJ.


Tickets for Cinespia screenings are $16 each, and are available here.

*We kid. That GIF is extra funny now, right? 


GIFs courtesy Giphy; To Catch a Thief screenshot courtesy