How Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party Will Avoid Being Super Spreader Event

Guests can expect a night of unforgettable musical performances by Kygo, Jack Harlow, Frank Walker, David Solomon and DJ Irie

Super Bowl is the one weekend a year where the worlds of Hollywood and sports collide, and the city of Los Angeles has already begun rolling out the red carpet for a weekend that promises to be nothing short from spectacular.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Co-CEO and Founder of Talent Resources, the agency behind the annual Sports Illustrated party, David Spencer told Los Angeles.

Due to the on-going global COVID pandemic, Talent Resources chose to opt out of throwing their annual Super Bowl parties in Tampa, Florida last year. Instead, they used the extra time and resources to not only plan an out of this world party experience for Angelenos, but also execute safety protocols to ensure guests will feel healthy throughout and after their event.

“That was a double edge sword because unfortunately, we sat out of Tampa, but it gave us the extra time to really strategically look at the LA market and be extremely diligent and calculating in what we were bringing to our audience and our network in such an important place like LA,” Spencer said.

“We really focused our efforts around the real estate that we selected. The priority of our agency is to put our staff, our partner brands, and our guests in a situation where they’re not going to be exposed to any kind of security or health risks,” he added.

Sports Illustrated The Party will bring together some of the top names in entertainment and sports at a premiere outdoor destination in Los Angeles. Guests can expect a night of unforgettable musical performances by Kygo, Jack Harlow, Frank Walker, David Solomon and DJ Irie.

“All of the venues that we picked are mostly outdoors like the Sports Illustrated party is a four acre park, only place of its kind in LA, directly adjacent to Beverly Hills and Century City. The entire event is outside, it’s not tented,” Spencer said. “We are encouraging everybody to wear masks. We are going above and beyond the LA County health and security mandates that have been set forth.”

“Originally we were going to be at the Oprah Winfrey OWN Studio in West Hollywood, but because of the over subscription and the high demand, we upgraded the venue and took over Century City Plaza, which is known as the CAA Facility, and for the weekend, it’s going to be the Sports Illustrated/Talent Resources facility,” Spencer added.

While Spencer felt the need to up the ante for the annual party since it’s taking place in the backyard of the A-listers who have grown accustomed to the high profiled glamorous venues that the city has to offer, he knows the ultimate sell is truly just the celebrity sightings and the networking opportunities that will present itself.

“This year is going to be a talent fueled event. We really want to highlight the city of LA and also tap into our tools and arsenal, which is our network, and really bring out the most premiere talent that we have relationships with,” Spencer said.

“We have a whole section that will almost be dedicated as a celebrity viewing event within this event and it’s going to be the biggest celebrity section that we’ve ever done and it’s going to count for 30 to 40 percent of the event,” he concluded.

Sports Illustrated The Party kicks off at 9:00 PM PT on Saturday, February 12, 2022, at Century Park in Los Angeles, California. To purchase tickets and tables, visit SITHEPARTY.COM, powered by SI Tix.

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