How About We… Make Like Tourists


If you haven’t checked it out yet (what are you waiting for, January?) the December issue of Los Angeles magazine is all about being a tourist in your own town—what attractions to hit and which to skip, what hotels are worth checking in to or recommending, new restaurants to try, and more. 

In the spirit of exploration, we logged into our Dating channel looking for tourist-y date ideas from local singles, and we came up with these goodies posted just this week.

How about we… check out photography of rock gods at Morrison Hotel Gallery.

How about we… check out the Griffith Park Observatory.

How about we… put on fake moustaches, grab a drink, then walk around Third Street trying to get tourists to photograph us.

How about we… dress up like tourists and go see all the sights that self-respecting Angelenos wouldn’t visit.

How about we… be tourists for a day on Hollywood Blvd. and see how many stars we know.

We’re hard pressed to think of places self-respecting Angelenos wouldn’t visit—hey, the city has something for everyone, right?—but like the way they’re thinking. We should all get out a bit more. Should you happen to bump into Dec, cover boy Aziz Ansari while you’re at it, tell him we said hello.