Hot Meat Ups: Try These Shawarma Restaurants in SoCal

From Glendale to North Hollywood, delicious new shawarma options abound. We rounded up five of the best

Stacked, spit-roasted meats likely originated within the Ottoman Empire and proliferated to surrounding regions, incorporating local flavors and taking on names like döner kebab (in Turkey), gyros (Greece), and shawarma (Israel, Lebanon, Armenia, and elsewhere).

Shawarma has long been prevalent in L.A., but a growing number of new, pandemic-friendly trucks and stands have opened in Glendale and the San Fernando Valley in recent years. Whether the carnivorous goodness is served on lavash, fluffy bread, or a plate, it’s always a delight. Here are five vendors to check out.

Armenian Lunch Truck

(Illustration by Tael Gomes)

The Kirakosyan family truck parks in front of the Royal Fresh Super Market. Pork has a spicy kick from fenugreek and three types of pepper. Curry powder enlivens the chicken.
12811 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, @armenianlunchtruck.

Mama’s Shawarma

(Illustration by Tael Gomes)

Eyad Kawak and mama Krstein Kantarji survived Syrian civil war and now serve Arabic-style shawarma, in which the lavash wrap is griddled and sliced into sections. Luscious chicken breast gets a boost from garlic sauce and pickles, while filet mignon benefits from tart sumac. 1416 E. Colorado St., Glendale, @mamas.shawarma.

Noname Shawarma

(Illustration by Tael Gomes)

Artur Virabyan and Maksim Sulltaliev are longtime friends from Stavropol, Russia. Just before the pandemic hit, they launched a truck. Chicken and pork wraps come on a custom lavash/flour tortilla hybrid and are served “Russian style” with cabbage and a creamy sauce made with ketchup, mustard, and mayo. 1717 W. Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, @nonameshawarma.

Proshyan Best Shawarma

(Illustration by Tael Gomes)

In addition to excellent pork shawarma with delightfully crispy edges, this Armenian sidewalk stand also offers smoky, charcoal-grilled kebabs. 12727 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, @proshyanbest.

Shawarma Time

(Illustration by Tael Gomes)

This braggadocious chicken specialist bills its product as “N1 in Los Angeles,” and its truck sports colorful stripes matching Armenia’s flag. Meat comes atop a bed of nicely seasoned fries. 331 N. Glendale Ave., Glendale, @shawarmatimee.

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