Horse Latitudes

Jill Greenberg strips the equine form to its sexier essentials—at some risk

Photograph by Jill Greenberg

This is not your daughter’s pretty pony book. In Horses (Rizzoli, 224 pages, $55), L.A. photographer Jill Greenberg celebrates the more sensuous qualities of these animals. “Their heads and necks are remarkably phallic,” she says. The subjects, selected for their musculature, look carved from onyx and marble—an effect enhanced in places by Photoshop painting. That the high-strung creatures, among them residents of the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, posed unbridled is a feat. While Greenberg has shot grizzly bears and orangutans for previous books, “I felt that the horses were more dangerous,” she says. “A horse friend explained that they’re used to being prey, so they don’t understand you’re not going to kill them.”