Ho Ho Eco


Ever thought your fresh, lush, evergreen Christmas tree could get any…greener?

Landscape architect Scott Martin, aka “Scotty Clause,” is seeking to change the way California celebrates Christmas with an eco-friendly approach to the holidays. His company, The Living Christmas Co., is offering living—potted—Christmas trees for rent, delivered to your doorstep in a biodiesel truck. The two- to seven-foot trees are available in 5 varieties—aleppo pine, blue cedar, leylandi cypress, little sequoia, and Monterey pine—that will eventually be planted in urban reforestation-type projects around the city.

 “This isn’t your grandmother’s tree, this is your children’s tree,” said Martin. “This is not what you remember but it’s the way you should be moving forward.”

Martin has developed a fairly complex bar-coding system that allows people to rent the same tree year after year. He encourages people to name their trees and upload stories and pictures of their trees on his website, livingchristmas.com, so “everyone else who rents the tree years down the road can look up the history of the tree and the pictures of the family who had the tree before,” he said, ensuring the tree’s legacy keeps on, well—living. He’s priced his trees competitively, around the same price it would cost for a tree at a lot, including the delivery fee. Because he can deliver 30-40 trees at a time, their “carbon footprint is way less than people going to a lot one at a time to pick up every Christmas tree there.” While you’re at it, you can order some ornaments, gift wrap, and LED lights at their eco-holiday store, because after all—‘tis the season to go green.

More information on how to rent trees can be found at livingchristmas.com