Hey Highland Park Schools, KnitRiot Collective Has You In Their Sights


Do you know what tomorrow is? It’s International Yarn Bombing Day.

Yes, the form of urban street art that uses wool as its medium has an official day, and it’s observed internationally.

To celebrate, KnitRiot Collective, a group of mostly Eastside crafters who share “a love of working with wool and a concern about current issues” will unveil its debut installation, a protest against the deep cuts in funding for primary school education. We’re not exactly sure, but from the looks of this picture, which has been posted on KnitRiot’s blog, the installation will be blue and fuzzy, and we’re hearing from yarn world sources that the “attack” will happen on a tree in front of a school in Highland Park. 

KnitRiot’s goal: “To have an installation that is at once meaningful and whimsical, for as long as it lasts.”

OK, our interest in piqued. Visit knitriot.blogspot.com for more info.

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