Herschel Walker’s Crazy-Rich Son Mocked for Whining About Gas Prices in $1,300 Hoodie

The Trumpist NFL great’s mouthy offspring, Christian Walker, is still almost making a name for himself as an internet troll

Christian Walker, the young son of three-time college football All-American and NFL legend Herschel Walker—now a Trump-loving candidate for the U.S. Senate in Georgia—got a little attention this week when he posted a video to social media complaining that it cost almost $100 to fill up his gigantic SUV. But he got even more eyes on him when folks noticed that he was wearing a $1,295 Givenchy hoodie while performing his antics at the pump.

“Y’all said Joe Biden was gonna be the great unifier?” Walker, 22, opens his tirade. “This is divisive to my bank account and my hard earned money. Screw your unity. You think this is unifying?”


Regarding that hard-earned money…  Although Walker’s father is allegedly worth a cool $12 million, Christian bills himself on Twitter as a “free speech radicalist” and offers his contact info for “Business & Media” in lieu of any job title or career description.

He continued, “Joe Biden, this is Joe Biden for you. Families struggling to afford to get to work.”

When viewers pointed out Christian is of well-moneyed stock and appears to be unemployed, if not unemployable, he tried a variety of obfuscation techniques.

For instance, “Democrats care more about my sweatshirts than the fact that they voted for a nutjob president who’s hurting the working class. Wow.”


He later seemed to be attempting the troll’s go-to move of pretending to be in on the joke when caught looking the fool:

“look at my custom fendi.”

Walker’s next tactic is likely a bit of irony, but the possibility that it’s actually more self-delusion cannot be entirely ruled out.

“Any liberal who attacks me today is racist and homophobic,” he offered. “They made the rules, not me.”


One remark that did seem to get under Christian’s skin came from Keith Edwards, onetime advisor to Democratic Senator from Georgia, Jon Ossoff.

“His dad is Herschel Walker,” Edwards wrote. “He’s never worked a day in his life.”

“I worked at Williams Sonoma at the cash register,” Walker snapped, “while winning two world championships, and skipping a grade. I’ve done more in a year than you’ve done in a lifetime. Jealous POS.”

At 16, Walker won the 2016 World Championship of All Star Cheerleading at Disney World as a member of the Spirit of Texas Royalty coed cheer squad, but we’re not clear what competition earned him a second title.

Still, as an accomplished nuisance—but with just 181,000 followers, hardly an influencer—Walker has moved on to more weighty matters. On Monday, he boldly took on the frozen dessert industrial complex, tweeting, “you can tell mcdonalds is run by liberals because their ice-cream machine never works.”


If Christian’s act is meant to distract from his father’s considerable political troubles—tough luck, kid. Herschel Walker has spent the last few days denying allegations of domestic violence from his ex-wife and explaining that accusations of threatening behavior from two other women were “made up.”