Here’s the Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Collaboration You’ve Been Waiting For

In the trailer for <em>Central Intelligence</em>, Hart and Johnson play short-cop/tall-cop

Kevin Hart is a genius at what he does. At just 5’4, he’s never shied away from a short joke, or a power joke, or a joke about his very own, tender masculinity. In the new film Central Intelligence, Hart has apparently made an entire feature-length movie that is one big size-riff; starring alongside Dwayne Johnson (the artist formerly known as The Rock), Hart plays an accountant to Johnson’s CIA meathead.

The film follows the two men after Johnson ropes Hart in to a CIA plot, the details of which are kept secret in the trailer. What we do know is that everything—literally everything—is riding on their success. “I need your skill set,” Johnson tells Hart, “to save the entire free world.”

Central Intelligence, which comes out in June of 2016, also stars Aaron Paul and Amy Ryan.