Where to Find Beautiful, Affordable Art in L.A. (That’s Not from IKEA)

From minimalist photography to graffiti art, your walls need this

So, you’ve moved into a grown-up apartment, and at least three pieces of your furniture are not from IKEA. Mazel tov!! You’re on your way to becoming an adult. Along with that, it’s time to buy some art for your walls that are not music posters, tapestries, or framed postcards. Here are some of the best places in L.A. to pick up amazing art that won’t cost as much as a down payment on a car.

Eventide Collective

The Look:
Minimalist, SoCal-vibe photography
Price Range: Prints starting at $50

Poster Child Prints


The Look:
Modern, edgy prints with a motorcycle-cool vibe
Price Range: Prints starting at $50

Buckshot Gallery

The Look:
Graffiti art
Price Range: Prints starting at $100

L.A. County General Store

The Look:
Colorful, hyper-local art
Price Range: Small prints starting at $10

Spitfire Girl

The Look:
Celebrity portraits, animal portraits and other assorted portraits on wall-hanging plates
Price Range: Starting at $47

The Poster List

The Look:
Photos and prints celebrating all that is good in the world, with a focus on Southern California
Price Range: Prints starting at $10.99