Harry Loves Hollywood

The latest from Michael Connelly treads familiar turf

The Chateau Marmont has an old-world charm, Michael Connelly writes, and a decided disinterest in guests’ personal affairs: “Behind its walls and hedges was a world without intrusion, where those who didn’t want to be watched were not. That is, until things went wrong.” In The Drop, the latest Harry Bosch saga from Connelly, things have gone very wrong at the Sunset Strip hotel, where a city councilman’s son has jumped or been pushed to his death. Connelly knows the Chateau well—in particular room 79, the setting for the lethal fall. Recently it was the writer’s home base while he was adapting his book (then film) The Lincoln Lawyer for TV. Bosch, the detective who alternates with attorney Mickey Haller in Connelly’s literary productions, has long been a Raymond Chandler for the modern Angeleno. In The Drop readers also learn of Bosch’s impending retirement and watch him spend time with daughter Maddie, who, at 15, is roughly the same age as Connelly’s own child. “Of course, I don’t take her to the shooting range,” Connelly says of the pastime shared by Bosch father and daughter. Indeed, Maddie’s thinking of becoming a cop. Sounds like the start of a beautiful sequel.