Har Mar Superstar Is Coming to the Troubadour on April 29

The singular pop performer is touring in support of his new album

The pop enigma that is Har Mar Superstar —né Sean Tillman — will hit the stage at the Troubadour on Friday, April 29, in support of his newly released album, Best Summer Ever. Superstar will be joined by White Fang and Rig 1.

Superstar, who grew up in Minnesota, is a pop star who defies all traditional pop star rules. He performs nearly nude, but not in an Axl Rose circa Appetite for Destruction kind of way; Superstar is famous for wearing only a pair of briefs, and for reveling in being pasty, hairy, and out of shape.

That said, he’s no joke in the music world. Superstar has toured with Father John Misty and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Best Summer Ever was produced by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes — the duo’s second official collaboration. His voice explodes like glittery honey over Summer‘s pared-down, synthesized beats; the album is legit pop music.

Superstar has roots in L.A. that go back several years; in February 2011, he had a month-long residency along with the experimental rock group Marijuana Deathsquads at the venue formerly known as Spaceland (now The Satellite).

Best Summer Ever dropped on April 15, and is available for download here. Tickets to Har Mar Superstar’s April 29 Troubadour show can be purchased here.