There’s a Hamilton Sing-Along for Fans Who Can’t Get Enough Hamilton

It’s called Hamiltunes LA, naturally

All those hours spent singing along with the Hamilton soundtrack while idling in traffic are about to pay off. On Sunday, August 20, you can join a group of enthusiastic Hamil-fans (Fan-iltons?) gathering at a bar in Hollywood to stage a DIY sing-along of tracks from the hit musical — with the official endorsement of the show’s creators and producers.

In June, Lin-Manuel Miranda and co. released The Hamilton Instrumentals, a recording created with the musicians from the original Broadway orchestra, and gave their imprimatur to any aspiring Aaron Burrs and Thomas Jeffersons to perform their own vocals along with the backing tracks. Hamiltunes LA, as the local event is known, provides the stage for those who want to share their voice — or just close their eyes and pretend they’ve scored tickets for the real deal.

Held at The Three Clubs, attending Hamiltunes LA is free; if you want to belt it out you’ll need to sign up in advance via an online submission process to avoid nine back-to-back renditions of “Yorktown.” For songs with four or more parts, you can gather a group and sign up together, and we wouldn’t discourage you from rehearsing some choreography while you’re at it.

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