Half of the State Is No Longer in a Drought, So Now We Only Have to Worry about a Manmade Apocalypse

For the first time since 2014 no part of California is experiencing “exceptional drought”

The return of actual amounts of rainfall this winter and autumn wasn’t only good for our photographic skillsand our souls–the precipitation also lifted half the state out of the drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

  • One year ago 95 percent of the state was in moderate to exceptional drought
  • At the start of the water year (yes, there is a water year, you water noob, and it begins in October) 84 percent of the state was in a drought
  • The drought covered 69 percent of the state at the start of the calendar year
  • Today only 51 percent of the state is experiencing drought conditions

But don’t turn on your hose to water the lawn and then forget about it until the middle of the night when you’re like “what’s that sound?” quite yet. Some 25 million Californians still live in drought areas. Locally, we’ve got some groundwater to replenish.

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It’s good to see these two photos in this order: