A New ‘Visual Podcast’ Celebrates the Early Days of Guns N’ Roses

Deli owner and rock historian Marc Canter is putting his archive of band photos to good use with a new project that celebrates bygone days on the Sunset Strip

Patrons of Canter’s Deli may wonder why a giant photograph of the band Guns N’ Roses lurks over one of the booths near the Kibitz Room or why the landmark restaurant has copies of the book Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction for sale near the rugelach.

Third-generation owner Marc Canter was a teenager when he first met the future Rock & Roll Hall of Famers nearly four decades ago and followed them around photographing the band’s earliest shows and gathering an archive on a band that would go on to sell more than 100 million records.

“It’s more than a treasure trove,” Canter says of his hard rock treasures. “It’s an encyclopedia. I just knew it was special.”

Canter is sharing some of those treasures soon with the launch of The First 50 Gigs, a new visual podcast on August 18 via Patreon. (A planned exhibit of Canter’s photos at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has been postponed until later in the year.) The first guests on the five-season show include musicians Steve Darrow, Nadir D’Priest, Steven Adler, and historians Domenic Priore and Laurie Jacobson, who explore more than a century of pop music in Los Angeles.

“Anyone around the world can click on a button and transport themselves back in time to the 1980s Sunset Strip,” says Canter, who promises “first-hand accounts by the people who were there, giving audiences a true play-by-play unfolding of events.” Access (starting at $5) to the podcast are sold as “GA,” “Partial View,” and “Front Row” and come with extra downloads, bonus episodes, merch from Canter’s, and ever-increasing volume.

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