Gridiron Glory: New Sports League for Adults Debuts in L.A.

ZogSports wants to bust you out of your adulthood-induced shell

Break out the Gatorade and orange slices. Robert Herzog’s new co-ed sports league, ZogSports, is set to kick off its inaugural touch football season in Culver City this Sunday.

Round up a team of eight people — five men and three women — and select one of three divisions: Sorta Players (semi-competitive for regular athletes), Casual (mildly competitive but mostly for fun), and Extremely Casual (for beginners just looking to hang out and toss around the pigskin). You can also join as an individual to hop on a team of fellow stags. Organized happy hours after each game offer a kick-back opportunity to get to know your new mates. (Happy hour profits and any donations are given to a charity of the winning team’s choice at the end of the season.)

According to general manager Matt Worley, the “sports and charity-centered community that has something for everyone” is a happy medium between the party-hard and play-hard leagues around the city: “We’re the the perfect balance of both the sports and social aspects.”

Games are played Sundays at Veteran’s Memorial Park on Field 1 — “the nice one,” we’re told — with two 23-minute halves. Start times vary anytime between 2 and 5 p.m.

Registration ends Wednesday — $85 for the solo entrants and $975 for the team. Check out the league’s site for more information. Why? Because without scheduled 4 p.m. breaks for sports practice, the weeks seem to lack a certain joy and camaraderie.