This Gorgeous Mural in South L.A. Might Be Painted Over, and We’re Freaking Out a Little


South L.A. is in the midst of a years-long revitalization: empty lots have become community gardens, and intricate murals beckon neighbors with inspiring messages of hope. L.A.-based artist Evol, aka Samir Arghandwall, painted one such elaborate piece featuring the faces of four women at 3834 South Harvard Blvd. It has been up for years without incident, but recently someone complained, and now the L.A. Department of Building and Safety wants it gone.

Evol graduated from Cal Arts and has shown pieces in local galleries including Petra Gallerie and Known Gallery. As a way of giving back to the city, he covers select walls from Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles with stunning portraiture. His style is unique and dreamy with transcendental qualities and his palette vibrant. Each work is imbued with a watercolor-like technique that requires a mastery of the spray can. The mural in question is painted on a series of garage doors. If it is removed, the ladies of South L.A. will cease to be a source of inspiration and imagination for the residents of this town. It cannot happen. Please voice your concern to Mayor Eric Garcetti on Twitter, whose voiced his support for the city’s outdoor installations while discussing L.A.’s first public art biennial. Let’s not forget the artists that make our streets home. The ladies of South L.A. cannot be forgotten.