The Poster for Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop Lab’ Is All About the Yoni

Marketing for G.P.’s Netflix show is arousing attention

The preview for Gwyneth Paltrow’s six-part Netflix series The Goop Lab dropped this morning–and some people on Twitter just were not feeling the Goop show poster’s vibe. It wasn’t the dodgy, new age-y “science” (never forget the jade yoni eggs that got Goop fined $145,000) that made them cringe. Rather, it’s the image of Paltrow posing jauntily in a what looks like a mad AI’s take on Georgia O’Keefe.

The first comment reads simply, “gross.”

Next, Vagina Museum let a sloth do the talking with, “How about, no?”While the Goop ad urges viewers to “Reach New Depths,” one tweeter suggested a better caption would be, “Help, I’m stuck in a vagina that has been treated to a variety of gross pseudoscientific experiments!”

And since there can be no threads without Baby Yoda, critic Mark Lisanti offered, “Everyone’s getting worked up over The Goop Lab, but they’ll fall in love the minute they reveal Baby Yoni, the adorable jade egg that follows Gwyneth around in a floating bassinet. Very cute ears!”

The intrepid Upright Citizens Brigade writer Crissy Shackelford, meanwhile, claims to have scored a copy of the submission requirements for prospective Goop scribes, which include, “3 desk bits to be performed by Gwyneth and her sidekick, a weighted blanket named Tasha.”

Over at YouTube, however, the first trailer viewers were not quite as much fun.“This appears to be a multimillion dollar ad for a scammer that rips off women for millions of dollars every year,” notes one commenter. Another wonders, “Why do we care about Paltrow again?”

The Goop Lab premiers January 24.


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