“Golden Girls” Set Recreated in Beverly Hills Pop-Up Restaurant

The iconic TV ensemble is honored in a brand-new restaurant pop-up in Beverly Hills, with cheesecake (of course) to compliment the meals

Die-hard fans of the enduring classic 80s sitcom The Golden Girls have likely dreamt of sitting down in a to-scale recreation of the iconic show’s original set for a late-night cheesecake. On Thursday, The Golden Girls Kitchen officially opened its doors to the public and made that dream come true.

As a fully functioning restaurant with a bar, dining room, and kitchen, the Beverly Hills pop-up pays homage to the beloved series. Those staying to eat have access to an on-theme menu, created by Executive Chef Royce Burke. The Lanai, bacon lettuce potato sandwich (Say It Fast) and Sophia’s lasagna al forno all make an appearance. However, the real attraction is (you guessed it) the desserts. The menu is donned—obviously—with St. Olaf Sweets and features Sperhoven Krispies, Blanche’s George-style cookie, and, of course, a whole lot of cheesecake.

(Photo by Golden Girls Kitchen)

“It was an amazing journey to bring this together. We were super close with studio partners as well as consultants and really did our research to figure out what it was about these moments that fans clamored for,” Bucketlisters’ Head of Experiences Derek Berry tells LAMag. “It was an exciting process to see everything slowly come to life, and exactly how we wanted it.”

Within the incredible set recreation is the clear, dedicated focus of the project’s production team, who tip their glasses to the late and great Girls themselves. Just before the turn of the year, the world lost the last of the group, Betty White, who died at 99. This was something that Berry heavily considered while bringing the concept alive, as he knew his representation had to be sensitive and true-to-script.

“To be totally honest, when Betty passed we weren’t sure this experience would continue on the course it was to come together, as we didn’t want to come off insensitive by any means,” he says. “After talking internally and with Disney, we felt like this was a great ode and a way to pay homage to the show, the cast, and legacies created over time.”

(Photo by Golden Girls Kitchen)

With this, the cast is given a true dedication, with flashes of all four actors running on the restaurant’s televisions and faithful recreations of many elements of the show. Both Blanche’s bedroom and the house’s kitchen sit beside the main dining room, where attendees can get up at any moment to fully immerse themselves in the house of the Girls.

“It was such an amazing reward to have fans, studio partners, and the overall media really love the final product,” Berry says, gleefully. “There were a lot of hours put into this project and the payoff is always seeing smiling faces in person.”

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