Going Solo

A new book turns salads into the table’s boldest one-acts

This month Salad For Dinner (Rizzoli, 208 pages, $35), which features one-dish meals starring greens, arrives in stores. The author is Jeanne Kelley, a third-generation Angeleno who says she was raised on salads. Kelley also happens to be this magazine’s recipe tester and stylist, so we asked her: Why salad for dinner when you can have a nice, juicy steak?  

“Why not a juicy steak in your salad?” she replied. “Thin strips of grilled top sirloin on butter lettuce with Thai dressing, mint, basil, and cilantro is so fresh. Or a salad of succulent rib eye, red leaf lettuce, skillet-crisp fingerling potatoes, ripe tomato wedges, and a creamy blue cheese dressing takes steak house favorites to a new level.”