Go See Dead People


I went to the Mummies of the Word Exhibition on the day it opened. Why am I finally writing about it now? Well, because the kids are back in school (it was nice and crowded the day I went) and, since opening day, one of the mummies has made a trip to Cedars-Sinai for a CT-scan and you can examine the results (you wouldn’t get that scoop if you went too early). Oh, and the exhibit is only there until November. It is not morbid; it is fascinating the way the Science Center has presented this large group of mummies into a tasteful mix of science and history. There are human and animal mummies (natural and intentional) in the exhibit from all over the world from Germany to Peru and artifacts like the renderings of the dead—a face painted on wood when the person was alive and affixed to the coffin—in one case during Roman rule AD 100. There is a mummified Pre-Columbian Peruvian woman, hair still braided, face tattoos visible who looks like she quietly went to sleep thousands of years ago. It is a respectful look into the past and I am still thinking about it months afterwards. The new Ecosystems gallery is a mellow way to round out the day and bring you back into the now. You can grab a ticket for Mummies of the World online (and save yourself a wait in line) here.

Photo courtesy American Exhibitions, Inc